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Light Aircraft

Skyways operate the following aircraft types
cessna 150   Cessna 150

Single engined basic trainer. A high wing gives excellent downward visibility, stability and easy handling.
cessna aerobat   Cessna 150 Aerobat

Same flying qualities as the Cessna 150, with added aerobatic capabilities.
cessna 152   Cessna 152

A more modern version of the Cessna 150, with a more powerful engine.
robin D400   Robin DR400

Low wing 4 seater trainer and touring aircraft. A very stable and popular aircraft.
cessna 172   Cessna 172

Single engine, four seater tourer. Ideal for pleasure trips and sightseeing.
piper warrior   Piper Warrior

Single engined advanced trainer and touring aircraft. A robust, low wing 4 seater.
piper seneca  

Piper Seneca

Twin engined advanced trainer and touring aircraft. Can carry 6 people over 700 miles and cruise at 130 knots.

Training Courses
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