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Flying Training

Private Pilots Licence (PPL)

Skyways provides instruction for JAR PPL (Private Pilots Licence) valid throughout the European Community.

The PPL is the basic requirement for any advanced or commercial licences. The private pilot can undertake further training at Skyways to add 'ratings' such as night and instrument to the PPL.

The requirements for a JAR PPL (Private Pilots Licence) are:

i) Can start training at any age (when able to reach the controls)
ii) must be 16 years old for first solo
iii) must be 17 years old for licence issue

Class 2 medical certificate - issued by an Aero Medical Examiner

FLYING HOURS: Minimum of 45 flying hours made up of
i) 25 hours with an instructor
ii) 10 hours solo with at least 5 hours solo cross-country and a 150nm cross-country qualifier
iii) At least 2 hours of stall awareness/ spin avoidance
iv) Basic instrument appreciation
v) Use of navigation aids


Pass theoretical examinations in:

i) Air Law
ii)Aircraft general knowledge
iii)Flight performance and planning
iv)Human performance and limitations
vii)Operational Procedures
viii)Principles of flight

Skills test with an examiner which includes general handling and a cross-country section

Once completed the licence is issued and valid for 5 years and allows the holder to fly in Visual Meteorological Conditions as Pilot in Command of a single engined piston aircraft including flying abroad (subject to currency checks for Club aircraft).

Further courses are available for qualifications such as
i) Night rating
ii) IMC rating
iii) Instrument rating
iv) Multi engine rating

National Private Pilots Licence (NPPL)

The requirements for a NPPL are similar to the JAR PPL, but with reduced training time (eg it does not cover radio navigation). With approximately 32 hours of flying training and a less rigorous medical, the licence holder is limited to flying in the UK only.

Can be completed on Self-Launching Motor-Glider (NPPL SLMG) or Single Engine Piston light aircraft (NPPL SEP). The NPPL SLMG can be upgraded to NPPL SEP by completing conversion training and a general flight test. This would be a less expensive way of obtaining the NPPL SEP.

JAR PPL Course 45hrs flight training
NPPL (SEP) 32hrs flight training
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